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The Old Town Hall Museum

The Old Town Hall
A postcard showing the Old Town Hall circa 1900.  While the surroundings have changed over the last century, the building remains much the same.

1294 Enfield Street (Route 5)
Enfield, CT USA

Phone (860) 745-1729

Open Sundays 2:00 P.M. to 4:30 P.M. May through October and other times by appointment.  Admission is free.

The Old Town Hall has been a part of Enfield history for over 200 years.  Opened on January 1, 1775, the Old Town Hall begin its service to the community as the third meetinghouse of the First Ecclesiastical Society.  Only a year later Enfield's Minutemen were attending services in the building when Captain Abbey used his famous drum to announce the outbreak of war at Concord and Lexington.  By 1848 overcrowding led to plans to abandon the building.  Fortunately, a local businessman, Orrin Thompson, provided funds to save the building and convert it into a town hall.  The building was greatly modified at this time; the steeple was removed, a front portico was added, and the balcony was converted into a second floor.  In the years that followed, the Old Town Hall was the site of many political rallies, elections, town meetings, and social events.  In 1892 a new town hall was opened and the Old Town Hall began to suffer from neglect.  Many lean years passed before the Enfield Town Hall Community Association came to the aid of the Old Town Hall in 1923.  Through the efforts of that civic group and the Penelope Terry Abbey Chapter of the D.A.R. the building was renovated and opened as a community house.  For three decades the Old Town Hall was alive with club meetings, movies, dances, and parties of all kinds.  However, during this period maintenance was poor and the building fell into serious disrepair.  In 1964 the building was condemned.  The end was very near.

Several years of marginally successful attempts to save the building served only to delay demolition.  Finally, in 1972, the Enfield Historical Society was able to begin complete restoration of the Old Town Hall.  In 1974 the Old Town Hall was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Eight years of hard work and meticulous attention to detail went into the restoration effort.  On September 27, 1980, the building was opened for public inspection.  The following year the Old Town Hall Museum opened for regular business.

Today the Old Town Hall is again a center of activity.  Three floors of exhibits illustrate the many facets of Enfield's history.  Thousands of artifacts, ranging from dinosaur tracks to household items to farming implements to industrial machinery represent life in Enfield - both before and after the arrival of humans.  Exhibits include:

Whether you enjoy history, antiques, or just a relaxing Sunday afternoon, there is always something to see or do at the Old Town Hall.